Pick Your Own

In the Heart of Bilpin

Our Farm

As a family of third-generation Orchardists we have been running the farm for over 50 years and aspire to grow only the best quality fruit and veggies.

Our Farm is nestled in the heart of Bilpin, and is one of the largest in the area.

When you visit, you’ll not only be able to pick your own fruit and veggies but also enjoy our farm animals and buy local produce in our store.

Pick Your Own

We are situated in a quiet and tranquil street so you can get a real feel for the country lifestyle without all the noise of the city. We have a variety of fruit and veggies available to be picked.

Book now and come and experience a great day out with family or friends!

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Buy our farm-fresh produce and local products online. We’ll deliver directly to your door in selected areas of Sydney.

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